Resume      Credentials    Authored   Connections   IMDBRick Lesser Professional Hair and Makeup Artist, location stylist for hair and makeup, traveling stylist, published stylist, print and commercial hairdresser, camera ready natural hair and makeup.

In the mid 70’s Rick was doing double duty going to college for business and fashion, while simultaneously attending beauty school. Change was everywhere. From music to fashion, to services that changed the grooming habits of men and women. The workforce was changing and growing like never before. Women were becoming more visible as they moved into professional jobs offering them more Independence and freedom.
This was the perfect time to make your mark on the beauty industry. Out with shampoos and sets (thank goodness because he couldn’t do one to save his life) in with haircuts that made a statement. It was the perfect time to become a hairdresser. Rick has taken all that knowledge, that creative energy the years of experiment, the failures, and successes to build his brand. While Rick still keeps a private clientele he has moved into the behind the scenes side of the beauty industry. Working with photographer’s, talent, and production companies, he has solidly established himself as the go-to hair and makeup guy for lifestyle. But don’t discount him for turning out over the top or finished hairstyles.
Remember those shampoos and sets he couldn’t do? He’s had years to practice. His styles have graced many magazine covers and pages. These days you will find Rick doing what he does best, working as production coordinator, hairstylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, photo editing, and whatever it takes to keep the project moving smoothly.
You can describe him as easy going, smart, quick-witted, and funny. But don’t mistake his casualness as weakness, he has no problem letting you know that you’re living out of the book he wrote. With a talent for seeing through the phony and empty promises, this industry has come to be known for. Rick will always be honest with you. Never dull nor boring. A perfect asset to your studio or crew. Contact me here.