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“Mentors in my life”

By Virginia Alexander

I have been asked many times to discuss and write on my experience with mentors in my life. At a convention about 6 months ago, I was asked to please write an article on this subject for a magazine, Kinda like inspiration for other women, about the female mentors in my life,

What hit me wrong is this: Mentors are not one gender, some are not human. Who a mentor is: any person, place or thing that inspires us. Here are the inspirational prototypes that I was built from. I was asked why I achieve what I do. After some thought and a list, here are my top 3. A few fundamental factors I have instilled in my own life,

    1. Think before I speak
    2. Say what I mean in a diplomatic manner
    3. Do not except abuse. Nuff said

My first Mentor is a woman, Virginia Redigan; she is a fashionista, with a personality that just memorizes you. She is a major player in the beauty Industry in Florida. Virginia was first a hair dresser then, a distributor of Nexxus products. She has a company, LVW beauty supply. She was always gracious, put together, willing to test or try new things. She was forefront in fashion and Just a phone call away. Her son Luke and I were very close for a long time. They were always just a phone call away. I listened to everything eighter one of them said, how they conducted themselves as well as their approach to business, friendships and life. Luke is still there today with his wife running the business, (Cecilia, born on the same birthdates as his mom Virginia) A beautiful woman with business savvy and the smarts to pull anything off. Why do I like them so much….They are honest people who work hard, have no excuses, take care of their own and still take the time to help others. What I keep as perfect lessons from the Redigan family. Stay current in your Industry & Look current. Be educated in what you are selling or talking about Be the best you can be. Work hard and appreciate what you have, where you came from and look where you are going. Virginia & her family still own & run LVW Beauty supply in Coral Springs Fl.

Carol Colette, an incredible woman, with all the grace, poise, intelligence and savvy to achieve any thing in life. Carol taught me about the fine art of entertaining, and presenting myself properly.She is always dressed perfectly. Her home is poetry in motion, a feast for the eyes! I learned a lot about design from her. Even though she is not a designer, it is her natural gift or talent. She is spiritual, believing that everything happens for a reason and in the big picture everything works out, persevere, and don’t hurt anyone along the way is her motto, I follow that to this day. If anyone else can do it, so can we, as long as it is right for us. Good advice.

Carol by far is one of my greatest mentors to this day. Carol has had businesses that she has started from nothing, she works very hard. She had a wonderful enchanted life. In my eyes, carol is from Canada, she moved to the Bahamas as a teacher (a very educated woman) she met her husband, moved to the states. Carol is alive, always wide eyed and excited about everything, she can make anyone feel special, always handles questions and answers in a diplomatic manner. She is by far the one person who inspires me the most. To see her handle any situation is inspiration. She suggests rather than demands. She achieves along with dreams, she applies a practical application to the goal she is going after. Mind you she handles big business with all the charm, grace and sophistication of Grace Kelly or Jackie O. Carol is in the category of those women, had I known or met them I am sure I would have liked them and been grateful to know them as well.

What I retained from Carol Colette Always do your very best do it with Class Always dress your best, present yourself with grace and dignity Read learn & ask. Get the right answers, don’t stop till you do. Do not accept defeat, learn something from it. Work hard Always act like a lady (She is a natural) keep the childlike quality and amazment that is natural in life Carol Colette Owns The Daytona Beach Inn, In Daytona Beach Fl. Plus is in real estate. And only God knows what she will do next. All I know is I love to watch her go!

Carol Rashid another Beauty professional, a woman of color who is such an inspiration to me. One of the busiest women I have ever met. We met on a movie set, I think in Daytona. She had the makeup and beauty concessions for one of the largest TV shopping networks around at the time. We became instant friends she thinks I am a nut. (She’s right) Carol has insight and is an inspiration; her Goal was to create a facility for women going thru chemotherapy, to renew and recover. She was called to do this business, come hell or high water. One of the most amazing things about Carol and we have talked about this much: her Business was based in a backward town, with people who were afraid (that’s the way I put it) of first, people of color. 2. Women in business. She over came all obstacles in her path, With Grace and diplomacy. She is always a lady, always bright, always an inspiration.

She is the goods, as we talk, she is always there, busy or not to listen & talk things out, lend a hand or encouragment, with her strong belief in Gods purpose for us, she just puts blinders on and goes after what she wants. Carol has over come many obstacles in her life, (none she created herself, by the way) Carol owns Inner Vision Salon & Spa, Network Beauty solutions, In Orlando Fl. Only God knows what she’ll do next…As she is led so she does.

Rick lesser, is one more Fashion & Beauty professional. This is the one person whose calling should be about writing a step by step manual on “How to Be the Perfect Friend”. I don’t know how he does it. Rick takes the time to listen, he never forgets, he gets things done, he checks in with everyone on a daily basis. If you want something done right ask a busy person. Well he is it! I have known him for almost 20 years, He is a constant source of inspiration, achievement and go get it ness. Rick takes the time to talk things out. He always says what he means, is careful how he says things: like he says,” I hate to have to apologize,” we like a lot of my Mentors and people whom inspire me are in the same business. We pass work around, products, knowledge and love. Rick is the epitome of Friendship; I think everyone should have a mentor like Rick; He is an Inspiration to know and a Blessing to have. A True Friend is a Gift. He is one of my most cherished gifts. Rick Lesser is a stylist in Fort Lauderdale Fl. He has a product company Faces & Follicles. 

Others that I look up to for inspiration, I don’t know them, but what I have seen & heard is what I like:

  • Oprah. She is so educated, does the right thing with her money, works hard and deserves everything she has…she has earned it all. An inspiration to all women. Please God bring more Oprahs out in the World!
  • Dr. Maya Angelou is a remarkable Woman of Grace and dignity. Pure Harmony in
    Life, any more said would be absurd, she is like perfection.
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford.. She writes what I see, and how I see it.
  • Niki Joviani Poet, I feel what she writes
  • George Carlin, he’s all about truth. Makes me smile
  • Big Mike,….he tells it like it is. I bought a Louisville slugger.
    Just to remind myself that there are people who I would like to use it on. besides he makes me smile
  • Martha Stewart, she rocks, she rules the home & business. She works hard and
    has earned what she has…
  • Sparky the Dog, who is always happy to see me, and is thankful for cheese.

About the Author

“Virginia Alexander is in the Beauty Industry, a professional Makeup Artist/ Stylist for Film & Television. She writes for Magazines, web Zines & Newpapers.”