Faux Lashes 101

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Faux Lashes 101
Become a long-lash expert!


If you have thin, sparse natural lashes, apply a strip lash that adds fullness. For a natural look, try Fashion Lashes 109 or 110.You can also use InvisiBands Luckies, Sweeties or Beauties.

If you have full, thick natural lashes, try adding a strip lash that has spiky strands to add just a little fun to your already great-looking lashes. Try Fashion Lashes 131 or 134. Also look for InvisiBands Fairies, Demi Pixies, Hotties or Scanties. Get high-fashion eyes with Naomi or Gisele in the Runway line.

If you have small eyes…try a lash that’s just a little more demure and less dramatic. Look for Fashion Lashes 109 or 110. Or, try InvisiBands Sweeties or Babies.

If you have large eyes…go for a larger lash! Try Fashion Lashes 105, or look for InvisiBands Hotties.

If your eyes are round…Try a smaller, full lash, such as Fashion Lashes 109 or InvisiBands Beauties.

If your eyes are almond-shaped…Select a spiky lash, such as InvisiBands Demi Pixies or Luckies.

If your eyes are deep set…Choose a thicker, heavier lash like Fashion Lashes 131 or InvisiBands Wispies or Demi Wispies.

For drama…try Fashion Lashes 101, 105, or 117. Also Demi Wispies, Demi Luvies, and Lacies in the InvisiBands line would work too. But then again, Tyra in the Runway line or Wild Lash Shimmer would be quite dramatic as well.

For the most natural look…try individual lashes, such as DuraLash Naturals in Short Flare. These small lash clusters can be added to the entire length of your eye or just to the outside corners!

When in doubt…Fashion Lashes 110 is a universal lash!! They look great on everyone!!


1. Remove the lash strip from the tray by pressing the lash with your thumb against the tray in a downward sweeping motion until it comes away from the tray, never pick at the band, you will loosen the hair strands and it will lose its shape.

2. To measure, pick up the lash strip at the center using tweezers and place it on top of your own lashes. Align the lash strip to your lash line, starting at the inner corner. If it’s too long, count the clusters that extend beyond, then trim the lash strip when you’ve moved it away from your eye.

3. Apply a thin strip of adhesive to the band. You don’t need gobs! You can either gently squeeze the tube in one hand while slowly gliding the lash with your other hand across the bead of glue. Or, you can try squeezing a drop onto the tray and use either the tip of a makeup brush or an orangewood stick to apply the adhesive to the band. Both methods work just fine! Give the adhesive about 30 seconds to set.

4. Pick up the lash strip directly in the center using the tweezers. If you align the tweezers with the center of your eye, you’ll get the placement right the very first time! Just set the strip on top of your own lash, in the center of your eye and, either using the tip of your tweezers or your finger tips, gently push down across the band to secure it, then hold the corners down for a few seconds. Do the same with the other eye and you’re done! The adhesive dries completely within a minute or so. It may feel heavy at first, but within minutes, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. No curling, no smudging, no clumps, just great looking lashes!

Note: Eyelash novices, don’t try to apply false eyelashes for the first time when you’re getting ready to go out. Instead, take a few minutes when you have some spare time to try the technique. Fashion and celebrity makeup artist Robert Jones shares this tip. Put your mirror down on the table. That way, when you apply the lashes, you will be looking down into it and your eye will be in the perfect position. Genius!

Q & A

Q. What adhesive should be used with false eyelashes? 

A. LashGrip Adhesive is specifically designed for use on strip lashes. It is a latex-based adhesive that keeps lashes on until you take them off. It’s available in Clear (or sometimes known as white), which dries clear so it’s undetectable. It also comes in Dark, which dries almost black to help hide the lash strip and blend it with your own natural lashes. LashTite Adhesive is used on Individual Lashes and is a long lasting adhesive and must be removed with LashFree Remover!

Q. Should mascara be used?

A. You can apply your favorite mascara to your own lashes, especially if your natural lashes are light. Makeup artists often apply mascara again after lash application to blend the lashes together, but it isn’t necessary.

Q. How long will false eyelashes last?

A. That depends on you. Placing them back on the tray after you remove them, will help keep their shape. Just peel off any remaining adhesive prior to reapplying them. If you wear them daily, they can last up to a month. If you wear them occasionally, they will last longer.

Q. What about care and cleaning?

A. If you remove the adhesive after each use and keep lashes on the tray when not in use, they will last longer. Lashes can be cleaned to remove any make up or mascara with any non-oily makeup remover, just be careful and don’t rub hard.