What is micro-needling and does it work are the two questions I most frequently get followed by when can I book an appointment, and how much does it cost! Micro-needling is a procedure most commonly used for promoting collagen production for the skin. When it comes to restoring hair loss the same principal techniques apply. The amazing thing is if the follicle is dormant it will react quickly. You can see results within a month. As we age we lose collagen, elasticity and important nutrients. By wounding the scalp with tiny puncture wounds, the body immediately sends collagen proteins and hormones to those areas along with new blood vessels. Within the first week your scalp is tighter your existing hair more robust. The follicles appear stronger healthier. By weeks two and three you really notice the difference. Restoration is about 30% overall. Some individuals will show results more quickly depending upon your growth cycle. And for those of you experiencing FOMO, my custom formulas are adjusted to help nourish your existing hair follicles to maintain what you already have. One treatment three to four times a year. Micro-needling can help restore a higher level of confidence, making you feel younger, sexier. Who doesn’t want that? Come on what have you got to lose? Call me.