Hurry, send to three hundred in the next 3 seconds

When I die I am going to find that I have about $50,000 in rebates that were for some reason never sent to me. You know all the mail in rebates you are going to get? Then when you call to ask where is the rebate, your told oh that offer is no longer valid. Thankx. It only took me two hours to get to you. After I bribed someone for the secret telephone number. There are of course the almost lottery winnings that for some reason or another I didn’t play the ticket that day. Like the $350,000 fantasy five where I had all the numbers, just didn’t play. And now I see I will be receiving all the good luck I can handle in the after life because of all the send this to three hundred of you friends in the next three seconds and you will have good luck. (if I don’t get killed by my friends for sending it, that’s good luck) And what if I don’t have any friends? After all I keep losing them one by one when I have to forward the chain letter. But I guess that is why you send it back to the person who sent it. I wonder what happens when it is just the two of you left? Do we get our friends back when we collect the checks that were really lost in the mail? Can someone tell me if I also get back all the download time I have wasted trying to get information that just doesn’t help! R-

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