These jeans are good enough

These jeans are good enough   A few weeks ago as my parents and I were returning from a doctors visit I noticed my Dad was walking through they’re parking lot continually pulling up his jeans. When I asked him about it he started mumbling that he needed a new belt because his pants kept […]

The call to Mother Nature

What a dreary day. It’s what you might call a South Florida winters day. Been raining almost all day and it is a lovely 55 degrees. I love it. It’s a great day to do nothing. Or see a movie, cook, clean out something. I’m choosing to relax from an evening of wine tasting, amazing […]

Goodbye and hello

Lets just say it has been a crazy end of the year. From the unpredictable election (though some of us saw it clear as day from start to finish) no one gives hairdressers or a Gemini much credit. Which sometimes is a good thing when you want to fly under the radar. We have a […]

I’m Backkkkk

So today is the start of the new year (2017) I figured I would list the date because it has been years since I have blogged anything. Nothing to say, too much to say. So I went dark. But I have been thinking the last few weeks I should revisit blogging. It was always a […]

Where are your boobs?

As long as I can remember my Mom has always been a great dresser. Every outfit complete with matching jewelry, shoes and coordinating handbag. Even when she has worked in more casual office environments, she still looked impeccable. When she retired at age 78 she bid the dry cleaner a fond fair-well and embraced a […]

Do you want cheese with that wine?

I’m sorry, but what is it with stainless steal appliances? What makes them so great? Do they work better, harder then say, black? White? Or any other color for that matter? And it seems it’s not just me that goodness. I’ve asked friends the same question. We are sick of whiney people crying about appliances […]

Around and around and back again

Headache. Plain and simple. That’s what I have. Sometimes I can’t think of a thing to blog about which is why you might not read anything from me for a while. Then there are things that happen, like today that just work me to my last nerve. Hence, the headache. Where to start? Of course […]

Is that sour kraut I smell?

I’m dog sitting once again for my friend Jesse’s cocker spaniels. They really do have such personalities. Maxie is the older of the two. More independent. While Junior is always looking for attention. It’s funny to watch the inter action between them. One minute like brother and sister, the next like an old married couple […]

one month, 18 days

That’s what it’s been so far. 48 days that I asked for a “drama free” summer. My Birthday wish that is. I know, you shouldn’t tell the wish you make right? But see, I wanted to put it out there. It was more of a “don’t even think about not granting my request.” (Like that […]

Two years.

Two years today.  Wow.  The memory of the fire is still with me.  I can remember that day so clearly.  Getting up and going to work on the photo shoot from hell.  I was fighting with the photographer most of the day.  And over what, how we wanted to do the best job we could […]