one month, 18 days

That’s what it’s been so far. 48 days that I asked for a “drama free” summer. My Birthday wish that is. I know, you shouldn’t tell the wish you make right? But see, I wanted to put it out there. It was more of a “don’t even think about not granting my request.” (Like that double negative)? Kind of a line in the sand if you will. OK, I know it was a bold and silly request. But lets face it, the last few years have been busy with crap. You know the drama that finds us in our day to day lives. Friends that bring you their “stuff.” Problems that you have because some computer at a say, bank, might bother you with. Well that’s over. Yo. Fifth Third bank. Yes, you. I got that taken care of. Got a nice new Audi (not financed through you). Everything I wasn’t looking for but I love it. Still can’t get use to the size though. And I do still miss my porsche from time to time. But let me tell you it felt so good to walk into the bank and tell them “I hope I never see you all again!” They laughed and knew how I meant it! Banker’s Insurance. That mess with the fire I had. Over. They said “Uncle” And everyone told me the insurance company doesn’t care or even know who I am. Proved that statement wrong. Remember, never mess with a hairdresser. Never. We hold power through our clients. These two things alone ended a week or two after my Birthday wish. Landed a gig at a local barber shop on Sundays. Fun for a while. But not much cash. Now I took a job at a salon in Coral Springs on Sundays. 40 minute drive but could turn out very good. My friend Mindy got me to go and check it out. She owns Life Publications. Through her magazines has started a campaign to get me business. This is my second Sunday. Hope it’s better then last week!!! Sometimes it’s good to be “drama free” Seems to be working out just fine for me. Not sure what the rest of the summer will bring but you can bet I will be able to handle it just fine. Now what your step, I wouldn’t want you to fall over that line. R-

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