Is that sour kraut I smell?

I’m dog sitting once again for my friend Jesse’s cocker spaniels. They really do have such personalities. Maxie is the older of the two. More independent. While Junior is always looking for attention. It’s funny to watch the inter action between them. One minute like brother and sister, the next like an old married couple madly in love. For some reason tonight it’s Maxie’s turn to be all over me. And Junior is giving her space to do it. I’m betting it has something to do with the pig ears I gave them as a treat. By far they are Maxie’s favorite. In fact anything that is considered food is Maxie’s favorite. Now the pig ears have a little side effect. It makes them fart. A lot. Tonight Maxie is happy to hang with me and Junior on the bed. Chewing away on her treat. She is content to lay at my side, farting. With her butt in my face. No matter how I move she is right back there. What I can’t stop laughing at is when she passes wind it sometimes is a bit loud. And quite fragrant. This is so frustrating to her since she can’t figure out where the noise is coming from. Junior on the other hand is smart enough to have figured it out and keeps jumping off the bed for some fresh air. I keep reaching for the air freshener. She looks at me like I’m the guilty one. I see why people love their pets so much. They really do give you unconditional love, even when they think you’ve passed wind and are trying to blame it on them. They’ll turn around and lick your face as if to say, it’s OK, I still love you! I love you too Maxie. R-

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