Around and around and back again

Headache. Plain and simple. That’s what I have. Sometimes I can’t think of a thing to blog about which is why you might not read anything from me for a while. Then there are things that happen, like today that just work me to my last nerve. Hence, the headache. Where to start? Of course my first idea was to talk about one of the few things I said I would never do. OK, big mistake….. Cause I should know better. I broke that rule. Did it anyway. Add this to my list of “I would never…” Took that back. Or should I tell you about how easy our lives are made everyday by automated computer menus. I can just see your eyes rolling now. T-Mobile has got to be my favorite of them all. I cringe and hold my breath each time I dial 611. But yesterday was my cookie moment. (That’s when the universe hands you something good) The computer was down. So all that annoying voice said was, “just one moment while I connect you to a representative”. What joy as I was quickly greeted by a real live warm person. And believe me they are great I have to say. Over all the 12 years I have been with T-Mobile never once have I not been happy with that part of the company service. Even their web site, seems to work well for me. Until I tried to change my phone. I was told to go on line since I get a better discount. Which is what they must tell everyone. Phone choices are few since I have WiFi service. That should make it easier to pick a phone. And I really like Samsung phones. They are like a work horse. In the last three days the site and computer voice have taken me more places then I could ever want to go. Betting they are cut from the same cloth . Phones one day offer me options I need then the next day they are gone. Taken away in the middle of the night. Changing prices, jumping off pages. Even the representatives were a bit confused. They understood my frustration since they to would say, “wait what happen to” or “why isn’t this showing up”? In the end at least I did manage to get the phone. Not the one I finally decided on but the first choice I selected when this started. But how does all this annoying waste of time searching the web site and almost yelling at a computer make my life easier? That’s what we were told years ago when people lost jobs to automation. Oh and the kicker, it’s more cost effective so we are passing the saving on to you the consumer. Another can of worms. I will admit yes, sometimes I would prefer the computer voice whisking me through basic information instead of pushing countless buttons to only get disconnected at the end. Unfortunately being in a customer service business for 33 years plus has spoiled me to wanting something more. Now, your still wondering what the thing is I swore I would never do. Ready? Multi level marketing!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a customer care issues. This I think better saved until the next entry since an ugly side of multi level showed itself to me and that drama is still being played out. So I will wait until I can put the final nail in that coffin before I explain. Thank goodness I bought the economy size bottle of aspirin. One final note about the easy life we now have, I can’t get the blog published. Computer issues with blogger. Wait, this is too sweet, as I started to try and save this now my comcast service is down as well. Go figure. All that automation must stick together. But isn’t that T-Mobiles moto? R-

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