Do you want cheese with that wine?

I’m sorry, but what is it with stainless steal appliances? What makes them so great? Do they work better, harder then say, black? White? Or any other color for that matter? And it seems it’s not just me that goodness. I’ve asked friends the same question. We are sick of whiney people crying about appliances not being stainless. Think I’m crazy? Watch any show on HGTV. Any show that deals with buying or redoing a house. Come on people. What are you sheep? And then there are the realtors on the shows that say “my buyers expect stainless steal”. That’s the best I think? Telling home owners they have to design their house for someone that will be buying it in the future. So I should live in a place I paid for, and spent money on, to look nice for someone else’s taste? Excuse me? Lets talk about stainless steal appliances shall we? First off they can look cold. If the feeling of the kitchen isn’t modern or contemporary, then they can stand out like a sore thumb which can make the kitchen seem like it’s dated. Which makes you realize the rest of the kitchen needs to be redone. Finger prints. I can’t tell you how hard it is to keep stainless clean. The look is getting old. Finally. Ten plus years already people. Remember olive or harvest gold? They were all the color rage once too. Most of John Q public has no imagination. I’m not saying never use appliances that aren’t stainless. There are times I see kitchens that stainless is the only look that will work. Like in a restaurant for example. But can we start to please think outside the box once and a while? I have one thing to say to all of you “I want/it isn’t stainless steal”, FOCUS. (fu%k off cause your stupid) people. And don’t even get me started on granite counter tops…… R-

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