Two years.

Two years today.  Wow.  The memory of the fire is still with me.  I can remember that day so clearly.  Getting up and going to work on the photo shoot from hell.  I was fighting with the photographer most of the day.  And over what, how we wanted to do the best job we could on a guy that was paying us to shoot his comp card?  He had no business modeling.  We knew that.   But we always try our best to make them look good.  At the end of the shoot I sat there thinking, “aspirins, lots of aspirins…”  Then the phone call from Regina telling me my house was on fire.  The knot in my stomach building as I rode home with the photographer.  I still get that feeling in my stomach when I see a fire truck.  Two years.  I look around my new house and finely feel safe.  Thankful I had a place to move into from my landlords.  Wasn’t much left to take, so I thought at the time.  I love this little house.  It’s suits me.  I even have started going through my closets thinking, boy, I have too many things.  I’ve already given some clothes away.  Which is funny in and of it’s self since the fire left me with no clothes at all!  You can always replace things.  And our memories stay with us.  The good, bad, and the in between ones.  So today is an anniversary.  One that has given me strength.  And a new perspective on holding onto “stuff” that I really don’t need.  Maybe it’s a good time for a little spring cleaning?  R-

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