The call to Mother Nature

What a dreary day. It’s what you might call a South Florida winters day. Been raining almost all day and it is a lovely 55 degrees. I love it. It’s a great day to do nothing. Or see a movie, cook, clean out something. I’m choosing to relax from an evening of wine tasting, amazing food and charity auction items to benefit Veterans with PTSD. My friends Hank and Mindi hosted the event. Scott Harvey wines provided the libations and the food was catered by Streeter catering. Tons of auction items and lots of friends old and new to round out a magical night under the stars. As always Mindi made sure the event and dining outside was perfect. You see the last time she planned an exstravent event under the stars it was for her wedding anniversary and renewal of their vowels. She had planned this for months. Every detail gone over again and again and again. Black tie, dining, and dancing under the moon light of their lush and tropical gardens that were insanely light to perfection. The 85 guests came out to celebrate and party. I can’t tell you how many calls Mindi and I had over this event. The menu alone changed a thousand times. However, the one person she forgot to call and discuss things with was Mother Nature. Mindi had completely rolled the dice and decided not to call her. Mother Nature was not happy she wasn’t included. And boy did she let us all know. Gale force winds with torrential down pours all night. Not one candle was lit on those tables but a few of us were. Mindi is a married to an idea kind of girl. You see she hates change of any kind. So when the executive order was given to move her living room furniture out to make room for the 85 guests to watch the wedding party come down the sweeping stair case for the vows, (I was the man of honor) I have to say she took it like a champ. On the outside at least. Cursing Mother Nature all night long. She was not going to have a repeat of that fiasco last night. Mindi had what I would call a “come to Jesus” moment with Mother Nature. Mindi talked and Mother listened. Boy did Mindi talk. I know I was there. Listening in on that phone call. And Mother complied. She had no choice. Mindi’s rath would be felt far and wide. Last night there were a few of us who remember that fateful stormy monsoon, balancing our dinner on our laps where ever we could find a spot. We spoke of it in hushed tones and glances. But in the end it was truly wonderful. Mindi says this is her last charity event for the year. I know it is only January but this one was supposed to be last November. We her friends are holding guard over her to make sure she keeps her promise to help herself this year instead of all those who don’t have the word NO in their vocabulary. You know who you are. I have done battle with the likes of you all before. We are armed and ready. The word of the year, NO. R-

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