These jeans are good enough

These jeans are good enough


A few weeks ago as my parents and I were returning from a doctors visit I noticed my Dad was walking through they’re parking lot continually pulling up his jeans. When I asked him about it he started mumbling that he needed a new belt because his pants kept falling down and he couldn’t make the one he was wearing any tighter. “Did it ever accrue to you that you need new jeans”? “There’s nothing wrong with these” he shot back. “No holes, their good, they’re a size 36. Nothing wrong with them”. “Really? Didn’t you tell me the doctor said you weighted 148 pounds”? “Yeah so?” “I have a good 50 pounds on you and my jeans are a size 32 33 so explain how you wear a 36? Your belt is fine your jeans are too big.” I wonder if he asked his new “friend” Alexa to explain to him what I was trying to say if he would have gotten it any faster? I let it go. That night I went through my closet and took out two pair of jeans I had been toying with getting ride of because they also were stretching out soon after I put them on. That next weekend I took them to my Dad. “Here, I brought you a present.” Skeptical he looked at them and asked what size they were. “Does it matter, try them on. I guarantee they are going to fit better then the ones you have now”. “Don’t you need them” he asked. “Don’t worry about it I have tons of jeans.” The next day he called purring into the phone. “These are nice. They fit really well, what size are they?” 33’s I replied. “What, really, wow.” All he could do was tell me he couldn’t believe how much weight he lost and the doctor was not going to be happy. That was three weeks ago. The next week was another doctor. As we got into the elevator I saw he had an old pair of jeans on. “Why aren’t you wearing the jeans I gave you? “We’re only going to the doctor, these are good enough”. Now a day’s he life consists of Publix, shopping at a big box store, getting his lottery ticket and a doctors appointment here and there. Those size 33 waist jeans will never again see the light of day. After all, at 87 years old why wear jeans that actually fit you and you are happy in when you can wear jeans that are good enough? You know he went out and bought a new belt, I’d bet my life on it. R-

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  1. LOL! We all go through similar things dealing with our parents.