Goodbye and hello

Lets just say it has been a crazy end of the year. From the unpredictable election (though some of us saw it clear as day from start to finish) no one gives hairdressers or a Gemini much credit. Which sometimes is a good thing when you want to fly under the radar. We have a gift for being able to look at most things and come to a conclusion and see the outcome before the majority wonders what it is they are even looking at. But this I will save for another posting. So to continue with the end of the year hell that was a world wind of holidays, charity events, family drama and two weeks of me saying “I can’t remember the last time I got the flu”. I along with many others are so glad to say bye bye 2016 don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I’m not a reflective kinda person when it comes to “was it a good year or a good riddance kinda year”? But today when I finally put Christmas away, which consisted of five items! Tallied up my book for 2016 to see I made $5,000. less then the year before, and started to clean some things around the house before Regina comes tomorrow. Cause that’s what we all do. Clean before the cleaning girl/guy comes. There was this ah ha moment. For many years I could never get into celebrating the ending of one year and the start of another. I mean I still have rent to pay I still have my family drama to deal with. So how can a simple date change make a difference? Well, maybe I will have to rethink that. Last year was about loss of money, business, loved ones, and a lot of if it can go wrong or be delayed it did. But after I got the mail I started thinking, maybe the energy is shifting for the better? So far my parents got a refund check from the mortgage company. Paper work to the Veterans for help with my Dad’s benefits is on track and today I got a refund check from Uncle Sam for something I did’t even know about. Well at least I know where the money will come from when I go to the dentist tomorrow for my cleaning. Not putting any eggs into the basket mind you but I did take it out and dust it off. Another thing Regina doesn’t clean. I will gladly look upon 2017 with an optimist attitude. Along with the decision to get a new haircut. Change is in the air.

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