I’m Backkkkk

So today is the start of the new year (2017) I figured I would list the date because it has been years since I have blogged anything. Nothing to say, too much to say. So I went dark. But I have been thinking the last few weeks I should revisit blogging. It was always a way for me to get my voice heard and at times count the blessings along with question the obserity of my life and or the situation I find myself in. Now mind you I will tell my tails to all my friends along with clients and think would this have made a good blog posting? Where is the humor where is the can you believe that encounter or the really? The you want to go there with me after being told something so ridiculous and expecting I would believe it. Now that I have turned 60 I have taken the rains of being the voice of reality to those who don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of yet feel entitled. To the unsuspecting individuals that let their stupidity show when it falls from their mouths. Oh who am I kidding. I have been doing that for years and a lot of times throughout this blog. So this is me. The self proclaimed voice of my reason, the upholder of the mirror, the two by four to what were you thinking? As I type this a list of people, observations and truths comes to mind. Get ready for a whole lot of living in delusion on the banks of denial. R-

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