I’m not a tourist, I live here

Driving back from breakfast this morning with friends, it hit me. I live a mile from the beach. Yet I only seem to go there when I’m working on a shoot. When asked why I never go, my response, “I only go to the beach if I get paid.” Silly I know. Yet thinking about […]

Thank you Page, thank you virginia.

Funny how your confidence dwindles as you struggle trying to do something again and again in hopes of getting it right. It was that way years ago trying to apply mascara. I would get to that final step then hand the mascara wand to the client or model, telling her it was better and quicker […]

My Dad

About a year ago when I was talking to a friend of mine about my Dad, he said, “what do you expect? He’s an only child just like you”. Can we say light bulb? Talk about O C S. (only child syndrome) it hit me. My Dad and I were just a like. Boy, 50 […]

Let’s pass the buck

Don’t you just love how much energy it takes to blame someone else? Yet instead of saying yes, I made a mistake or even “I’m sorry, lets see how we can make this right”? The issue gets tossed right back to the other party. Which is great I guess since they aren’t around to defend […]

I know, what took so long?

OK, so it’s been months since I wrote. It isn’t that I had nothing to say really, just too much shit at once! Could tell you my bells palsey cleared up in record time. No thanks to the na sayers of acupuncture. All I want to say on that one is thankx for your opinion […]

Just put your lips together and blow

Wonder why when your a kid, things that are meant to go in your mouth, down your throat and wind up in your stomach are much more funnier when you can make them come out your nose? Silly isn’t it? And if you could raise one eyebrow, then have it dance by itself, man, how […]

Buddy can you spare a dime, dollar, ten?

Just returned from Marco Island where I went to a friend’s wedding. South of Naples, on the west coast of Florida what was once a place for a quiet retreat for the retired set, now seems packed with what you may thing are their grand kids. Naples and Marco have some of the most expensive […]

What do you give someone who has everything?

It’s been quite a while since I was asked if I would help make someone jealous, let a loan be a gift. I rather like the idea of being hired as a gift. It lets me know that while I may not turn heads the way I use to, I can help someone else turn […]

Got the time?

Have you noticed that people can’t tell time any more? Or at least give a good estimate of how long they will be or something will take? I finally was able to switch my old web site over to the new one. “It should take about 30 minutes for the change to happen” the girl […]

Donations come in all shapes and sizes

From time to time we all do our part for charity. I have fund raised, chaired, bought tickets to, and collected donations for the best of them. And like most, I get a bit burnt out. So now I am smarter about giving my time to a worthy cause. A trip to visit a client […]