Just put your lips together and blow

Wonder why when your a kid, things that are meant to go in your mouth, down your throat and wind up in your stomach are much more funnier when you can make them come out your nose? Silly isn’t it? And if you could raise one eyebrow, then have it dance by itself, man, how cool would that be? Oh sometimes we see adults doing these things on TV or college guys, after way to much beer and not enough maturity. Now at fifty I find myself having to explain why I’m doing them. Of course then I must listen to and answer questions, then get more questions when all I want to do is say, cause I can. But that isn’t the case. Last week I discovered I now have a new way to entertain. Of course me being me, I add a bit more schtick here and my wit there. Like when I follow up with, “I love that I can wear my hair the other way now”, Or “I’m just trying to confuse my eyeglasses. See how smooth and wrinkle free this side is? Just like botox”! I’ve been telling people if it were only closer to October, I feel like Lon Chainy or was it Boris Carloff? Of course then I need to explain who they were and well, by that point I.m tired but have totally steered them away from the real culprit, Bells palsy. My few friends that have seen me tell me it’s getting better. OK. Since I can’t shut one eye and the other is over tired, maybe it is? Asking for suggestions from my friends and clients who are authorities in this area have been a great help. Yes, I do feel an improvement. For one thing, I didn’t panic. I have been following the advice given me and taken acupuncture treatments almost daily. Just hope that all this pulling on my right eye lid to shut it from time to time doesn’t leave me asking “when can you fit me in for an eye lift”? Funny how we wish for things and are surprised when and if they do show up? You should hear me whistle now! R-

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