I know, what took so long?

OK, so it’s been months since I wrote. It isn’t that I had nothing to say really, just too much shit at once! Could tell you my bells palsey cleared up in record time. No thanks to the na sayers of acupuncture. All I want to say on that one is thankx for your opinion but you know the rest! Food network called. Worked for them two days. Had the incredible luck to be the exclusive hairdresser to Nigella Lawson. One of my fav’s. Insc. drama from the fire. Don’t ask. Too ridiculous to even repeat. IRS told me I owed them more money. Like they were going to say I paid too much! Too bad they forgot to post my check after they deposited it. Fools. Of course some drama with friends is always good for blogging. Not to mention my computer issues and the big one, AO fu%king L. Can you believe it takes over an hour to go through the mail? And I have high speed cable and an empty lab top! They are so messed up that I found half of the emails the support team wrote back to me in my spam folder. Now that’s funny don’t you think? Oh it has been busy. Now yesterday I turned 51. It was rather a good day. made no plans, no big promises to myself. Took it as it came. Now today is a different story. After all, I’m writing again. Not too sure what I want to do after breakfast since I have the day off! Typical. Worked on the B day and takes the next day off! First things first, finish dumping AOL and figure out what my comcast account is! Won’t take this long to write again. The Summer has started and the rest of my Birthday is is full swing. Didn’t I tell you? I figure milk your B Day for all the cash and prizes! This way you can enjoy it for as long as you like! It’s yours/mine after all! R-

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