Let’s pass the buck

Don’t you just love how much energy it takes to blame someone else? Yet instead of saying yes, I made a mistake or even “I’m sorry, lets see how we can make this right”? The issue gets tossed right back to the other party. Which is great I guess since they aren’t around to defend them selves. So the person that was put out, in this case my Mom, suffers. I took my Mom to a doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was her cardiologist. She told me she didn’t need a referral to see him. She checked with her regular doctor’s office and they said no. After all she was going to him already so I didn’t understand. She explained that every time she goes to different doctors, she needs to get a referral from her primary. I don’t get this and never will. To me it’s all crap. The time it takes, the miss information given, all is designed to drive you nuts. Yet when my Mom arrived, she was denied the visit cause… no referral. When my Mom finally calmed down, she rebooked and we left. Now my Mom’s two doctors are within walking distance from each other. So off we went to get her referral. I couldn’t wait to accompany her for this little task. See, my Mom yells first and asks questions later. And I was going to get a front row seat. Now just to add to this, my Dad had been to the same doctor only two days before with my Mom. The office was suppose to call in a prescription for him. They didn’t. That’s another story. When my Mom asked again about the referral, since she was going to see the cardiologist two days later again she was told don’t need one. Let me just say, world war three. In spades. It was wonderful. And their answer to my Mom, the other doctors office, was responsible to call to let my Mom know she now needed the referral. Pass that buck. As we walked out of the office I couldn’t believe it, my Mother received an applause from the waiting room! My Mother the star. I called the other office to let them know. Liked they cared. Now what makes this more interesting is my Mom does this kind of work for a living. So she knows very well what is required from the insurance companies. When she went for her heart surgery she had to redo the paper word as they listed the codes wrong. Can you imagine? You go Mom. Give um hell! R-

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