Buddy can you spare a dime, dollar, ten?

Just returned from Marco Island where I went to a friend’s wedding. South of Naples, on the west coast of Florida what was once a place for a quiet retreat for the retired set, now seems packed with what you may thing are their grand kids. Naples and Marco have some of the most expensive real-estate in the country. And if your in search of country clubs and golf courses, then it may take months to view all of them. It’s been a while since I ventured over to the west coast. Since my parent’s no longer live there I haven’t taken the drive. When I tell people that the road from Ft Lauderdale to Naples was once called Alligator Alley, and it was just two lanes, they look at me and think, did someone run in front of the car with a lantern to light your way? Hard to believe when you take that drive now. I’m sure just as in every other small town trying to preserve the quaintness, yet cash in on the tourist dollar, they would rather you just send money instead of actually going there. But if you must go, then the Hilton Hotel, where I stayed on Marco Island has found a way to squeeze even more out of you. More and more hotels are charging for parking these days, yes. But I have to say I was taken back when I saw the extra $16 charge for it on my bill. Arriving, I was told it would be $8 a day. Checked in, came back out, drove to the bride, and then returned just before midnight the same day. So, I’m thinking, every time I leave it’s $8’s? While checking in I was asked if I wanted to pay another $9 a day to use the pool and all the facilities by a gentleman with an accent I never heard before. Hearing him say something about larger bath towels, I quickly cut him off fearing they to were extra. That evening as I explored the room I noticed two robes hanging and wondered if I would be charged for trying one on? Which was too small by the way. Then thinking if maid service was included or extra? I was happy yet disturbed to hear her banging on my door to service the room so early the next morning. One time OK, but two times in five minutes not OK. While I showered I thought I could hear her wearing down the carpet in the hallway. As I gathered my things I debated if I should take the remaining body wash I had been provided? Was I getting charged for that as well? But then figured they might just fill it and use it over again so I tossed it into my bag. With my head held high passing through the side door to my car I thought if you can’t afford the price, don’t go. And if you can’t go, send money instead. R-

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