Did you hear? They brought the Magic door back!

I think it’s wonderful when someone offers a suggestion or another point of view to a problem. Lets face it, we all are willing to add our two cents,wanted or not. What I find flustering is when the offering isn’t seen by you as”oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that?” Or what seems […]

These twins of mine.

If you ever spent any time with me you would run like hell or become totally hooked. You see there are two of me. In fact there are at least two. I am betting another one and a half are lurking somewhere off the cost. Your thinking “what is he talking about, and a half”? […]

Guilt, I learned from the best

I can still hear the disappointment in my Mom’s voice as I told her I just got my new computer. Without a computer of my own, my parents knew I would be by to visit at least two, maybe three times a week. Even if it was only to check email and then run. Not […]

Food for thought

We are such creature’s of habit. I think I’m getting good at using the computer when I can complete my tasks without trying to figure out what something means. Spent hours on something that should have taken minutes, or left the computer in one piece when I am finished. One thing I know is that […]

I’ll get back to you, or maybe not?

So what is it about getting back to someone when they call? Do you think that I’ll just get tired and go away? I find that a lot lately. Maybe because I’m in a service business and trying to give good customer service that I expect it too? I hear this all the time about […]

A new beginning, now what to do with it?

It’s been interesting these last few weeks. In some ways I feel like I did when I first moved to New York in 82. Ok, so I’m not young and cute anymore. Though I was never cute. Hot could be a word I’d use! And of course I’m not anywhere close to 27. But starting […]

Endings 4 new beginnings

Funny how the unexpected can take and shake up your world. April 19th I had a fire. It was from the hot water heater. Which was contained in a closet and the fire was put out by the water! However the closet it was in was my clothes closet. Ironic since I am in the […]

Duelling Diva’s

It’s the simple things in life that sometimes are the most rewarding. And the most flustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to change images I get from working on projects. JEPG’s and pixel sizes should be simple right? Most of the modeling sites all ask you to submit your images […]

Just another day.

This past Saturday my friend Virginia Alexander and I had gotten a chance to work together. We have not done so for quite some time which is a shame since it actually is more like play for us when we are together. I received a call a few weeks ago from a bride asking me […]

They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Wasn’t it amazing how automation was going to make our lives easier? Sadly I remember when the banks told us how much money we were going to save by using ATM machines. Or phoning into a computer instead of a person to pay our bills, move our funds. If we don’t have to send you […]