Guilt, I learned from the best

I can still hear the disappointment in my Mom’s voice as I told her I just got my new computer. Without a computer of my own, my parents knew I would be by to visit at least two, maybe three times a week. Even if it was only to check email and then run. Not that I won’t go to see them, just it will be a bit less often. Besides, one doesn’t grow up with an Italian Mother and Jewish Father without being infused with guilt. But worry not, I have O C S (only child syndrome) that and some well placed guilt of my own, and it balances out! Example: My parents were living in Naples while I was in New York. My Mom called to tell me if I didn’t come home soon, she was going to cut all her hair off. “Go ahead I said, no one there knows I’m your son. Your the one who has to live with it.” As she took that in she then said,”good point. Lets start again shall we? Hi. You know, there running some good specials to Florida. How about we send you a plane ticket? Oh, maybe you can bring your Scissors”? “I think that’s great idea, but I’ll take care of the ticket”. “Your a good son”. “What can I say, I got the best of both of you”. R-

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