These twins of mine.

If you ever spent any time with me you would run like hell or become totally hooked. You see there are two of me. In fact there are at least two. I am betting another one and a half are lurking somewhere off the cost. Your thinking “what is he talking about, and a half”? See Gemini’s are multi talented, with personalities to match each day of the week. I know a little about a lot. Able to leap tall buildings, and then tell the architect how he or she could have designed it better. And be totally right. I fight for principle. I also have cut my nose off to spit my face. Hey, it grows back. OK, maybe this time a bit larger but it’s still mine. I remember having a conversation with my friend Bruno’s lover Bob during a dinner party. At one point he said “I just love talking to the both of you”. “Most people never get that about me.” “Oh there are definitely two of you and you both never cease to amaze me! One will ask a question and the other will answer it”. Now Bob had little patience for most of Bruno’s friends. And Bruno knew if anyone could keep Bob entertained it was me. But I have to say while I didn’t expect Bob to get it, I never let on that I was surprised and flattered. Now if I could figure out who to get each to listen to the other…R-

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