Food for thought

We are such creature’s of habit. I think I’m getting good at using the computer when I can complete my tasks without trying to figure out what something means. Spent hours on something that should have taken minutes, or left the computer in one piece when I am finished. One thing I know is that there are a few people (like me) who have not a clue about wording and doing things on the computer. For example. Port. As far as I know you drink it, you park your boat, yacht, or ship in it. I wanted to see how many people were reading my blog. (self importance thing) So I do what I always do. Look at each setting and hope I will find the button that says Rick, click here. Like when you go into the refrigerator for the tenth time hoping to have missed something. Or like now in typing this. I seem to have the friggin ghost that messes with the spacing key. You know, when you backspace and then the letters type over the next word. But I’m clever. I will out smart it. The trouble is you try so many things you forget how you got there in the first place. So for now I’m tucking my tail between my legs. Refusing to give up. I’m taking a lunch break. Yea, that’s it. Lunch. Knowing that there are lots of you viewing my blog! R-

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