I’ll get back to you, or maybe not?

So what is it about getting back to someone when they call? Do you think that I’ll just get tired and go away? I find that a lot lately. Maybe because I’m in a service business and trying to give good customer service that I expect it too? I hear this all the time about how no one returns phone calls, or better yet, not show up. That I think is my favorite. I have a friend Jesse. He is great for telling me I’m on my way. After about two hours I call him. It could take three days before I can even reach him. His answer? Oh, something came up. Meanwhile he lives two blocks away. And they all sound so sincere don’t they? Is there a school that these people go to? It has to be some exclusive thing. But they sure do turn out some top graduates don’t they? Double talk and the run around must be popular classes to take? When you find out let me know, or not. R-

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