A new beginning, now what to do with it?

It’s been interesting these last few weeks. In some ways I feel like I did when I first moved to New York in 82. Ok, so I’m not young and cute anymore. Though I was never cute. Hot could be a word I’d use! And of course I’m not anywhere close to 27. But starting over. Again. At least with buying clothes. Yet if you look in the closet I do have things to wear. One client gave me six pair of shoes! There all shades of brown and the same style but hey. Thankfully it’s hot here. Come this winter I may have to get creative but that months away. The generosity of my clients has been overwhelming. If you saw the new place you’d think I was living there for years. I almost have more things now then BF! What a way to start my 50th year. Which is coming in about three weeks. Along with a red hat I was told?? At least when I first moved to New York I was wet behind one ear. Now I’m moisturizing and drier then ever! I’m also more jaded then I was. Too bad about that. But I also have much more wisdom. That comes with age. Which I’m grateful for. The rest I’m taking one day at a time. Youth part two here I come. You’d better be ready. R-

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