Endings 4 new beginnings

Funny how the unexpected can take and shake up your world. April 19th I had a fire. It was from the hot water heater. Which was contained in a closet and the fire was put out by the water! However the closet it was in was my clothes closet. Ironic since I am in the fashion business. The smoke damage was through out the house. When the cleaning girl arrived, she found the tail end of the fire. Thankfully no one was hurt. I am now in a house downtown Ft Lauderdale. I think I have more things now through the generosity of friends and clients! As my friend Virginia Alexander would say: “endings for new beginnings”. I will be 50 this coming June. I kept saying I was going to start a new life. I guess the universe wanted to help? I have now gone back to a salon where I worked for ten years. They are in a new location with new owners and some new faces. I am shooting with some great new photographers and have seen more then a few new clients. As far as clothing I am left with two pair of shoes, one in black the other in brown, a handful of tee shirts and jeans, some pull over’s better suited for a cooler climate, a belt or two and some socks and underwear, and a tuxedo jacket which was at my parents. I am the luckiest person in the world. 50 will be great beyond belief. Of course it would help if I could get my porsche fixed. But I’ll save that for another posting! Besides, the rental car came in handy for moving!!! R-

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