Duelling Diva’s

It’s the simple things in life that sometimes are the most rewarding. And the most flustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to change images I get from working on projects. JEPG’s and pixel sizes should be simple right? Most of the modeling sites all ask you to submit your images as a JEPG. And the size ranges from 100 pixels up to and depending on your membership, 500 pixels. Today I got to see the pictures from a shoot I did for two of my clients. Both are international opera stars. Wendy Reynolds and Birgit Fioravante. They asked me to help them with publicity shots for their new tour, Duelling Diva’s. What a blast. Words can not even describe the craziness and the fun. The final image I chose for their poster screams the title of the tour! I wanted to use this image on some of the modeling sites since it’s so different from what you’d expect to see. Imagine how happy I was to stumble across a program to resize and change the format of the image. Yea, right. The best I could get the size to was 18.9 pixels. That was easy. Trying to increase the pixels drove me up the wall. At one point I realized I had gotten the pixels to 140. But then I couldn’t change the image from mix to JEPG. For now the image stands at 18.9 pixels. And so I’ll wait as I always do. Wait until some kind soul I’ve asked will resize the image for me! Hope you all enjoy the shot as much as we do! R-

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