Just another day.

This past Saturday my friend Virginia Alexander and I had gotten a chance to work together. We have not done so for quite some time which is a shame since it actually is more like play for us when we are together. I received a call a few weeks ago from a bride asking me about makeup for her wedding. When I asked her who was doing the hair, she said the salon at the Biltmore. That’s where she and the wedding party were staying. After meeting with the hotel a couple of times the bride called me and asked if I was able to now do the hair and makeup for her and her party? Not a problem I said but I’ll need to have someone come with me. The bridle party consisted of seven. Including the bride’s Mother. The Biltmore is a wonderful old five star hotel in Coral Gables Florida. I have been there many times for work and play. Now they say you should make the most of your wedding day. Memories to last a life time. And that is just what this bride will have. Most know that the day of a wedding is almost always a bit crazy. Imagine adding to that craziness by having the fire alarm go off. There we were, nine of us in the suite now having to grab what we could and file out of the hotel. No one panicked. No one had thoughts of oh my gosh, the wedding. In fact we all acted like it was just part of the day! As I looked back into the bedroom, I noticed the woman who had been steaming the dresses. She was quietly coming towards me pushing the steamer. Then it hit me. I went into the bedroom to see that she had been steaming the clothes under the smoke detector! We had set off the alarm. I yelled out it’s us. It’s us. I grabbed a chair and climbed up to knock the smoke alarm from the wall. Laughing we started back into the room. Now the room over looks the front of the hotel. Yep, you guessed it. Hanging over the balcony yelling down to let everyone know what had happened. Which was a bit hard since the room is on the 14th floor. At the same time rushing the room was management. Virginia and I just sat back trying to figure out how we were going to get this day back on track? As we said our good-byes to everyone as they finally left for pictures, Virginia and I sat on the balcony as she lit a cigarette. You know she said, No one is going to believe us! “Yes they will. Lets face it, this is a typical day for us”. We gathered our gear and as we walked past the concierge I asked, could someone straighten up the bridal suite? He smiled and said, “no problem. We got it covered” The look on his face said just another day at the Biltmore.

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