They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Wasn’t it amazing how automation was going to make our lives easier? Sadly I remember when the banks told us how much money we were going to save by using ATM machines. Or phoning into a computer instead of a person to pay our bills, move our funds. If we don’t have to send you your canceled checks, why, it’s cheaper! And now pay pal is the hot new thing. What does that cost? And why do I have to pay to have a pal? What might be even sadder is that when you get a customer service rep you find out that they just started. They are telling you what you want to hear instead of the truth, of course they don’t know the correct answer because they just started, but everyone before them was incorrect and they have the right answer. Which you don’t want to hear. But only after they put you on hold hoping you’ll give up and go away while thinking silly Americans. My favorite just might be, FAQ’s. Trust me when I say my question is never answered on the FAQ page. I’m the one with the profound thoughtful questions. You know like when Pam only dreamed that Bobby died on Dallas. How come then on Knots Landing they all mourned he loss? Now to be fair these things have also worked in reverse. Which makes our lives easier. Funny how We tend to take them for granted. As a very wise client of mine once said, “your allowed an off day. Just not the day I come in”. So in a few hours I get to call Fifth Third Auto, again. I get to hear how they were justified in taking two payments instead of one. Now out of the blue I owe late fees. The same amount as my payment. Which I make to a person at an extra $12.75 a month so I will not have these problems. I guess automation is cheaper then a person after all. I’ll check the FAQ’s to see where my extra money goes a month and get back to you.

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