No rabbit was harmed in writing this

Some days it’s like taking candy from a baby. Those are the days you have so much stuff you want to write about you can almost hear the topics saying pick me, pick me. Of course there’s that other side when you wished you knew where that scrape paper was you jotted an idea on while driving in traffic. Then there are the posts I feel I should re visit with updates. Well, as luck would have it, this post is just that. An update. On luck. As I checked my emails I counted four from friends that wanted to bless me, protect me, wish me luck or just a cry out please is there anyone left out there that will say they still except mail from me without having to do something with it? Enough already. If I had all the luck that will be bestodedded on me, I’d be on a yacht someplace sailing around the Greek Islands! So here’s the deal. Your lucky if you say you are. Pass it along as your final email on that subject. Now send the rest of the good lucks, blessings, and wishes to all the people that send you spam asking for money. Just think how blessed they’ll feel knowing now they can stop mooching off others because you cared enough to bring a positive change into their lives? R-

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