Got the time?

Have you noticed that people can’t tell time any more? Or at least give a good estimate of how long they will be or something will take? I finally was able to switch my old web site over to the new one. “It should take about 30 minutes for the change to happen” the girl said. Yea and about 30 seconds for the payment to hit my AMEX card. Thirty. Forty. One hour. Still waiting. Thank goodness I’m not dependent on the site for my livelihood or anything. But I’m use to waiting. See post about Jessie. Does accurate time calulating come under etiquette I wonder? To all who are curious as to what my new site looks like, check it out. Cause I know you’ll click right to it after you read this. After all, it’s now been two hours since she said, “thirty minutes”. Oh wait, you don’t think she meant thirty hours do you? R-

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