Take my money. Please.

OK, I know I’m one to do things differently but I am one person who is resourceful if nothing else. I am still without power since Wilma blew through South Florida and parts North. No power means no business and money isn’t rolling in. So I am rolling my change. And no one seems to want it. Well, too bad. That’s what I have and that’s what you’ll get. Now some are happy to get the rolled dimes and nickels. They don’t have to go to the bank. Speaking of… The bank doesn’t want it unless I roll it and have an account. But the 800 # I called said yes for a fee they would roll it. I can take it to the grocery stores but they want 8 cents on the dollar. Hey I have lots of coins. So I sit and roll a little everyday. They should be glad I’m not bring them my pennies. And I have lots of those. R-

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