This poor dog

For those who know me, you better sit down. I am dog sitting. Yep. I am watching a clients dog. And he is watching me. Ever heard it’s like watching paint dry? I can truly said I have done so. But that is another entry. Jag is his name. A 4 year old boxer. Nick name Botox. Smart, cute, loving, well trained. Kind of what you want in a mate. Bored. This poor guy is bored to tears. When I had my fish, that was easy. Every morning you just looked to see they were all upright. Time to clean the tank, I just bought a bigger pump. If they didn’t get along they never showed it. Trying to hold on was tuff enough. I have to entertain him. I did find that when we play tog of war I have cleaner floors. I just drag him around the house from one end to the other. The benefits are pretty good. My arms are looking good. And he goes down for a nap right after. Think he does windows? R-

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