Twinkle twinkle little wrinkle

Yesterday I joined my friend Virginia Alexander, and her friend Sharon for a
luncheon hosted by Botox cosmetics. Now that in it’s self is kind of funny. Sorry, my quirky side is showing. I have to say they had a very nice seminar for the beauty professions that attended. The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami was the location and lunch was great. The desert, even better! I sat and listened to a panel of doctors who are more then qualified with a testimonial from patients and thought, “I wonder if they have a room that they inject each other in?” Imaging a Botox party of sorts. Looking at these people I was sure they injected this stuff into their veins. Hailing this as an anti wrinkle drug discovered from a side affect to what it’s real purpose was for. Correcting excessive blinking and individuals who were cross eyed. Their purpose was to inform us that there’s a right and wrong way to use the product. To get us to spread the word. If we can’t get rid of stress then we can get rid of the signs that it exists. Happy Happy Happy. Think they’re a bit late cause if you looked around the room at the expressionless faces you knew. I’m not saying I didn’t learn something, I did. Always go with an open mind and leave with a goody bag! One free treatment, a t-shirt which is going to the dog I sat for. His nick name is Botox and that’s what the shirt says. In rhinestones. A great fitting ball cape and the most wonderful pen. Can’t help thinking that their commerical is targeted for the shollow. I mean, I had a good hair day? I found a great pair of shoes on sale? Yet there I was. And I thought I was living in delusion. R-

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