Biggest sale ever

Again. And again. It’s Friday, the day after Thanks Giving and people everywhere are foaming at the mouth to spend money (they probably don’t have) wait in long lines before the sun comes up, kicking, screaming, fighting for a parking place, all to get what, those gifts on sale? The ones that get returned on the day after Xmas? The one day only get up early pre-sale? What is that? You can’t tell me it isn’t all going to be on sale again. For an even better price. Because it will be. (the day after Xmas) And what about the poor sales people that have to put up with it all? I sat at the dinner table yesterday between dinner and desert and listened to the conversation about today’s plans. Who had what, when to get there, oh can you get this for me while your there and I’ll buy your… And my Mom bless her. She tried her best to enlist my help and go shopping with her. Tried all kinds of ways. Years Of shopping as a sport have taught me that the Friday after Thanks Giving and the day after Xmas are better spent having a root canal. Have fun Mom, call me when you and poor Dad get back. Oh and while your there can you pick me up… R-

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