Ever see those people with broad shoulders? The ones some mistook for having bad fashion sense cause they are still wearing shoulder pads? They aren’t pads. They are the dumping off point of others dramas. Yesterday between the house phone and my cell, I clocked hundreds of drama miles. Too bad you can’t cash them in for some spa time. Every phone call or persons visit contained drama of some kind. And some came with attitude. Must have been the you have three minutes to talk. Hey, that was about all the time there was between the calls. I think it would be a great game show to lay out your personal drama in front of say a panel on non experts and see who they thought was the best of the best. Not to make light of some things but why yesterday, I have no idea? And to think that they all think I am the stable one. The voice of reason. What scars me is that with many of them, I am. R-