Here’s to ghosts, trains and 06

They say there’s a reason for everything. Like getting stuck at the train when your already late. Or sitting in a traffic jam for what seems like miles and endless minutes wasted only to find your now driving faster then the speed limit. Trying to go to familiar web pages that now you must sign into to gain access. Again. I try and look past these things. The ones that drive me crazy. Like finally getting the contractor to show up. In my case my web guy to finish work on my web site. We are so happy when things get back on track we forget if there is some lesson we needed to learn? I have found that some things are easiest explained by the ghost in my house. No, it isn’t “the not me ghost”. I have no kids. Just some energy that was here long before I moved in. Looking for some answers just like me! So to my readers and my ghost/s Happy 06 and expect the unexpected. Again. R-

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