Is that a snow suit? She was wearing a bikini when we started

I have to laugh. I go to the Walgreen’s and use their picture making machine. I have it down to a fast few seconds. I have started using mini books for the agencies and photographer’s. It costs more then a comp card which most use to show their work but it looks more impressive. And I can change the images whenever I want. I would go after midnight and before sun up. Had the store to myself. I could be in and out within seconds. They knew me by name! Then the store shut off the machines at 11 PM. Now I have to wait behind every amateur photographer with a CD and a finger. Today,after much procrastinating I waited just under 15 min ( timed it) so a guy could pick images of his kid in a snow suit. Loaded in my CD then waited, and waited then BAM. Frozen. Twice. OK, at least I saved the second CD from the same shoot until the end. Thankfully I managed to choose and edit images. Until the computer spit out the CD and shut down! At least I got the CD back. A thank you for coming and spending $56.00 would have been nice. That shoot left me cold anyway. Not in the same way as that kid in the snow suit but non the less. Now I find out I can make prints 24/7 again or stay home and email my order! I’m just afraid I’d get the prints from that kid in the snow suit! Which when I think about it, would be funny. R-

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