Mirror mirror on the wall

They say what you dislike in others is merely a reflection of what you dislike about yourself. If that is true then I’ll need to move to a very quiet place and hope they have lot’s of delivery services. I was asked to write a column for a new web site going up for the modeling industry. I was extremely flattered and also at a loss as to what to say. Now just so you all know, I am never at a loss for words! While writing for a large group of readers about hair is going to be a wonderful experience, what do you say to them on the first read? “Hi, my name is Rick and I’m going to write about hair?” So I did what I always do, procrastinate. OK, figured the words and style would come to me when I needed them. And they did. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat as I always seem to do, I wrote about something that I was doing that day and turned it into how it could help others. Now, the owner of the site said he loved my style of writing from what he had read on this blog and I should pen the column that same way. With that I let the readers know how I was lead to make assumptions along with putting my foot into my mouth. Figured humor was the way to go. Happy with the finished story I was a bit surprised to see the owner of the site rewrite the article. As I read the new story I thought fiction. Total fiction. I can now understand how writer’s in Hollywood must feel. So I took a good look and wondered if I was this person he had written about? After sending him an email explaining my thoughts he reread my original article and explained he was quick to the draw. Kinda like I was with regard to what inspired my article in the first place. What I see in the web site owner is that he is very hard working. Very much a perfectionist and wants only the best of the best. Which brings a smile to my face when I think about it. Now I have never met him but I think we are going to get along just fine! R-

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