The Box

My parents called today to tell me they bought a new TV. But they don’t know how to program it. Didn’t the salesman show you how I asked? No, they said read the book, it’s in the box. Excuse me? You just spend X dollars and you have to read the booklet? How could you not have ask? Well we didn’t said my Mom. And Jerry, the guy who took you in his truck to get the set, when he carried it into the house, did you ask him? Oh he said the directions are in the box. We tried, but we can’t get it to work. We’ll just wait for you. As I let out a cy I started to wonder when we as a society made the box a scapegoat? When did the box start to take the heat or even hold any real answers at all? Foolish me. Why not collect A pay check for doing part of my job, and let the box answer the questions? Guessing it’s the Same box that holds the answers to did you check the FAQ before you ask a real person? Yet to a child A box can be a toy. For my friend’s dog, A safe place for her and her five new puppies. Take my client Jackie. A few years ago she had become a foster parent to a remarkable girl wise beyond her 6 years. When She asked Amelia what she wanted for dinner that first night she said mac and cheese. Jackie thought great! How easy is this. Now just so you know, my Mom makes the best macaroni and cheese. Jackie’s is a real close second. If you had a choice of a last meal, this would be it. Grab your chest, tell your maker get ready here I come. Clogged arteries, cholesterol central. This by far is the big one. About two hours later Jackie removed her 3 cheese, butter, milk, spices, with bread crumb and more cheese topping from the oven. Sitting down Jackie waited as Amelia started to eat. Two bites later she put down her fork, turned up her nose and started shaking her head no. Jackie asked, don’t you like it? It’s not the box Jackie Bell. Kids like the box. Who knew the time and money one could save when feeding a 6 year old? I was delighted to get the call to come for dinner. I brought mac and cheese in a box for Amelia and a container for left over’s. Now if I could only get Amelia to program my parents TV. I’d send her a case of mac and cheese! R-

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